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About Connor Jarrett

I'm a developer, designer and student inspired by the world around me.

Who is Connor Jarrett?

Connor Jarrett

Connor Jarrett is a 16-year-old full-stack web developer and designer based in England with a passion for solving problems with creative solutions.

Connor Jarrett has interestes in web development as well as other non web-based technologies. Connor also enjoys graphical and user interface design.

Beyond the screen, Connor loves to visit cities and take photos.

Connor Jarrett

Quick facts

  • 📍 Based in: Hampshire, England
  • 🎂 Born: 18th September 2007 (16)

I love to take photos

Some of the things that inspire me most include architecture and product design, I love to go out in cities ant take photos of the wonderful design that's around us every day

The Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker 1255 Battery St. in Levis Plaza, San Francisco A San Francisco Cable Car The BFI IMAX in Waterloo London with a poster for Oppenheimer at the front
The Southbank Place development pictured from the Strand in London Picadilly Circus Big Ben at dusk The Salesforce Park amphitheater in San Francisco

What inspires me?

My inspiration comes from all around me, everything from kitcen appliances to entire cities

What inspires me?

The feeling of inspiration is one of my favourite feelings in the world. There's something amazing to me about having an idea form in your head from even the smallest of things.

The most resent time I got this feeling was in San Francisco in the SFMOMA, I was walking around the museum shop and saw the most beautifuly designed kettle and fell in love with it.

This can come from anything, kitchen appliances all the way to buildings and cities. It's really shows the importance of design, even in little things.