About Cade

Cade is a free website design tool that I developed in 2023, encouraging users to host their own websites.

The builder has an option to have your site hosted on Cade, or gives you the option to download the HTML and host it yourself, making it completely free for the user.

My Role

I was the only person involved in creating Cade, meaning that I wrote the front and backend code, as well as designed the User Interface.

I also had to manage payments with Stripe, as it was originally going to be a paid-for service but switched to free late in development.

Technologies & Tools

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript

Fate of Cade

Cade has since shut down, when it came round to renewal of the domain and hosting it became too expensive for the amount of traffic.

I've decided to shut it down so I have the funds spare to be able to persue newer projects.

If you're curious, Cade is still available to look at on the Wayback Machine, though it is not functional.